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Our Export Products


Milk Delite


Choco Delite

Choco Luv

Roundy Orange

Roundy Strawberry

Roundy Vanilla

Roundy Chocolate

Roundy Mango

Round Star Strawberry

Round Star Vanilla

Roundstar Chocolate

Roundstar Orange

Kreamy Delite Strawberry

Creamy Strawberry

Creamy Orange

Creamy Vanila

Creamy Chocolate

Creamy Custard

Rocco Chocolate

Rocco Vanilla

Zap Orange

Zap Mango

Zap Vanilla

Zap Strawberry

Puffy Orange

Puffy Strawberry

Puffy Vanila

Puffy Chocolate

Puffy Lemon

Yumii Mango

Yumii Strawberry

Yumii Vanila

Yumii Chocolate

Butter Delite

Cashew Delite

Pista Delite

Butter Lite


Ginger Cookies

Merry Milk

Krack It

Marie Crunch

Tea Biscuts

Petit Buerre

Mini Crackers

Elaich Rusk

Milk Rusk